A few testimonials and reviews from patients who have visited the Cheiron Chiropractic Clinic.

"The best there is, non better"  -  Stephen
“Been seeing chiropractors of one ilk or the other since the 80s. My wife and I have been visiting Julie for years now - highly recommended. Wouldn’t go to anyone else." - Ian
“Julie is very good and makes you feel at ease ...If you need anything doing with your back shoulder etc she is one of the best" - Andrew
“Excellent support and sound advice which has helped me become pain free after years of troublesome back pain.  Julie is great at listening to the issues, understanding the needs and sorting them out" - Rob 
“Absolutely fantastic!!! I have been using Julie’s services for well over 10 years now and it never fails to set me right - always accommodating and willing to help where she can. I’d be lost without my chiropractic care - thank you xx" - Lisa
“Julie helped me out with a sore back, neck and jaw issue. Thorough history taken and she was able to reduce my symptoms immediately. Julie also helped prevent future problems with expert advice and 12 months later I've had no recurring problems. Would highly recommend! Thanks Jules x" - Beth
“Julie is a true professional in her field in every sense. She listens, understands, shows patience and knowledge in abundance and undertakes her treatments with skill and enthusiasm. Julie is a pleasure to be in the company of as her positive energy and joie de vivre are infectious. I cannot recommend Julie and the Cheiron Chiropractic Clinic highly enough. It is a real pleasure to visit and the treatments really do improve people’s lives and sense of well being. Keep up the fabulous work Julie!" - Anne
“Wonderful treatment as always. Julie has such an intuitive technique and is so caring. I feel completely renewed inside and out!" - Jayne
“My son has learning difficulties, complex needs and sensory issues which are so far undiagnosed. As a parent I was desperate for some help in managing some of his most difficult behaviours. After an initial assessment, Julie felt that she could help my son using McTimoney Chiropractic. She has spent the last 12 months building up my son’s trust with both patience and empathy and she is now able to carry out a range of treatments that appear to be reducing some of my son’s sensory difficulties; this in turn is allowing him to take more control over his reactions. Previously we struggled to do anything with regards to his head and ears. Now he washes his own hair, will stand under a shower and most impressive, he will sit whilst he has his hair cut. He is now becoming right hand dominant as he is better able to make sense of himself and his body in the world around him. His attention span is slowly improving and with that his ability to learn. I know that the Cheiron clinic can not cure my son but Julie has gone a long way to improve some of the every day tasks that previously were almost insurmountable. My son truly enjoys his visits to the clinic and it is lovely to see how relaxed he is. Thank you Julie for all you have done and I know that he will continue to improve as he has done over the last few months.” - Anne
“Julie is professional, sympathetic and effective. She provides high standards of treatment, help and advice. You feel better before you've even left the clinic!”  - Lee and Greg
“After years of back pain, my mobility and pain relief has significantly improved since having treatment from Julie. I can recommend her with confidence.” - Beryl
“Hi Julie.  I finally managed to do some proper trekking – including walking on this glacier! Patagonia is BEAUTIFUL – when the weather is good anyway.  I think you’d love it – also seen penguins, sea lions and whales.  Thank you for helping me make it happen.” - Rekha
“Having broken my back some years ago, I was finding it quite difficult to get back to work and function normally. Since visiting Julie I have found that I can lead a relatively normal life with the exception of the really heavy work. I now routinely visit the Clinic for regular monthly visits for maintenance treatments to keep me well.  Much appreciated for all you have done.” - Norman
“Thank you for the help and relief you gave me after my treatments. Mummy and Daddy thank you as well because I now sleep all night.” - Big Hugs from Ben, age 18 months
“We started Chiropractic treatments with Julie for back injuries and general maintenance, and find it extremely beneficial. It definitely helps to keep us supple and is a great relaxing way to relieve our aches and pains. We would definitely recommend it to anyone with or without back problems as it is the most effective treatment we have tried.” Jill and Laura
“Fifteen months ago, I took my wife, Betty to Julie Kline's Chiropractic Clinic.  Betty has a mild form of Parkinsons, severe degenerative changes to her spine and a partially crushed vertebra. At her first consultation, she had difficulty walking upstairs and was not able to lie on the examination couch. Betty's progress has exceeded our hopes and expectations. Even her hospital consultant was amazed. Her progress has been made possible because Julie accepted the challenge and has used all her considerable chiropractic knowledge and skills.  She gets to know each of her patients personally and keeps meticulous records. If appropriate, she will liaise with other healthcare professionals. My wife and I have absolute confidence in Julie and the McTimoney method of chiropractic. Most importantly, Julie has created a friendly, welcoming atmosphere at her clinic; this encourages her patients and has enabled my wife to regain some of her original self confidence.” - Ken
“I have received chiropractic treatment from Julie Kline throughout the past year following recommendation by word of mouth.  I have found the treatment to be much more effective than I anticipated.  Julie conducted a thorough assessment before commencement of treatment and has repeated her assessments prior to the start of each follow up session.  I find her to be very professional and very approachable.  She explains all the procedures in detail before starting them and clarifies that I fully understand what is to take place and the likely outcome.  I have found her approach gentle and very effective for me and would fully recommend her treatment to anyone considering chiropractic intervention.” - Zofia W

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